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AGE: 13

BIRTHDAY: April 22, 2007

HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, California

CAR SERIES:  Jr. Late Models at Madera Speedway, Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series,  Bandoleros, Legend Car

Jake Bollman is a 13 year old racer from Huntington Beach CA, who discovered his love for racing at the very young age of 3. In 2016, he began racing competitively in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in the J-1 and J-2 Kart classes and had several wins in both classes.  In 2018, he began racing a Bandolero and won the championship at Orange Show Speedway. Jake started racing in the 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model Series at Madera Speedway with Naake-Klauer Motorsports in 2019; he finished the season 4th in points. Jake also won the 2019 California State Championship, finished 9th in the Nation in the Young Lions INEX Asphalt Legend Series and 2nd in the Road-Course series.

In 2020, Jake will be competing for a championship in both his Legend car and the Naake-Klauer Motorsports 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model.




51FIFTY Jr. Late Model Series

  • Finished 4th overall in points
  • 4 top 5 finishes in 9 starts
  • 8 top 10 finishes in 9 starts

INEX Legend Cars

  • 2019 California State Champion
  • Finished 9th in the Nation in the Young Lions INEX Asphalt Legend Series
  • Finished 2nd in the Nation in the Young Lions INEX Road Course Series
  • 12 top 5 finishes in 16 starts
  • 14 top 10 finishes in 16 starts


Lucas Oil Racing Series

Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series Regional and National Series

  • 12+ Top three finishes
  • 5- 1st wins
  • 2- 2nd place finishes
  • 5- 3rd place finis
  • 3rd place Jr. Late Model Series
  • 1st Place at the UTV Winter Nationals Best in the Desert RZR 170 Race
  • 3rd place in a Jr. Late Model - 1st time in car
  • Orange Show Speedway 2018 Champion
    San Bernandino, Bandolero Bandits



Lucas Oil Racing Series

8 Top 3 Finishes in Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series

Regional and National Series

  • 3- 1st place wins
  • 2- 2nd place finishes
  • 3- 3rd place finishes


2016 and Earlier

Jake started racing Go-Karts at age 3 and completed courses at Jim Hall Karting Racing Series and courses at Cory Kruseman's Sprint Car and Midget School


  • Started racing competitively in Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series 
  • J1 Division - finished 16 overall
  • J2 Division - finished 14 overall



 I have a passion for racing that has been evolving since I was a little boy. My motivation to succeed is unapparelled against my opponents. It is my mission to become the best racer in my league and eventually excel on to becoming a professional NASCAR driver. As a driver, I always work hard to win every race but see every loss as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Not only am I passionate about this sport, but I am skilled and detail oriented; I know what it takes to win. I am very thankful to have support from my family to help me achieve my goals.

The Jake Bollman Racing Team

TEAM OWNER - Phil Bollman

TEAM MOM - Jackie Bollman